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How to Get Into Property Development With No Money In 7 Simple Steps

Intrigued to know exactly how to get into property development with no money? If someone had told us just three years ago that we would become multi-millionaires through property, mostly through doing deals without using any of our own money, we would have laughed and told you not to be so ridiculous. However here we are […]


7 Step Property Freedom Formula Breakdown – Why Do You Need to Know About It?

Hi everyone, it’s Liam Ryan one of the Co-Founders of Assets For Life. These videos are for people who would like to learn about property development and investing in order to become financially free, by creating a leveraged business. Today I’m going to share with you a brief story of our property journey, and most […]

people listening and making notes at a property investment summit

Investing In Property: 9 Need to Know Strategies For Finding Deals

What are some of the key strategies when investing in property to profit as quickly as possible? If you want to become a full time property investor, you need an in depth understanding of these 9 need to know strategies that are so crucial to your property success. By not following these strategies you could […]


11 Ways to Network to Grow Your Property Business – Assets For Life

Are you looking for an individual with particular wealth and experience? Or is it a potential mentor that you want to help kick-start your property journey? We all know that making new contacts is crucial for any property investor regardless of the stage you’re at. This is where meet-ups and property events are great, but […]


What Can ‘The Ultimate Property Tour’ Event Do For You?

Are you interested in becoming financially free in property but are feeling overwhelmed by the process? Want a LIVE tour of our developments before and after they’re built so you can see EXACTLY how to get it right? After wondering what non successful property business owners are missing, we realised that they don’t know the […]


Business Success Tips: 3 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Empire Assets For Life

Looking for some business success tips to hit your goals faster? If you’re a business owner and are looking to accelerate your progress, or if your business is not performing the way you want, you’re in the right place. Today you’ll get some of our top business success tips to help you hit your goals […]


What is “The Ultimate Property Experience” Event All About?

Have you seen The Ultimate Property Experience been talked about but aren’t really sure if it’s relevant to you? If you’re seeing this blog post, you may be researching property development events and are wondering which is the best for you to attend. The issue is there are so many events and they all seem […]


HMO Business Model Secrets: Tour Into One of Our Successful HMOs

In need of some HMO business model tips to start creating higher profits from your properties? As you likely know already, building an HMO is a lot more work than working on other types of developments. There are a lot more regulations to follow and extra costs like upkeep to consider, however with that in […]


Investment Property Analysis: The Secret Rule

Looking for investment property analysis tips to increase profits from your developments? If you want to cash in big with property but are seeking a more strategic approach, you’re in the right place to discover some of our most prized tips. It can be overwhelming and seem like a daunting task to fully analyse what […]


Improve Public Speaking: Become a Pro Speaker (Even if You’re New)

What’s the best way to improve public speaking to deliver a message people LOVE to hear? Let’s face it – you may be having very daunting thoughts about speaking in public and you are not alone. Or at the very least, you have spoken on stage before and maybe want to improve public speaking by […]



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