Assets for Life


Liam Ryan

Liam J Ryan isn’t your typical entrepreneur – he’s a property wizard, business guru, podcast pro, and best-selling author rolled into one! As the co-founder of Assets For Life, the UK’s leading business and wealth training organisation, Liam’s all about helping regular folks level up their lives through real estate. Today, Liam proudly wears multiple hats as a Professional Property Investor, esteemed Property trainer, and sought-after international speaker. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of property and business with someone who’s been there, done that, and got the t-shirt, Liam’s your guy!

Jay Munoz is a distinguished property business entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, and co-founder of Assets For Life, an acclaimed property investing and training company. With a strong educational foundation and extensive experience, Jay has dedicated himself to helping individuals achieve financial independence through property investment and business education. His notable work includes the book “Property Metamorphosis,” which details his journey from the corporate world to becoming a successful property developer and educator. Jay’s approach combines practical strategies with motivational coaching, aiming to empower others with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the competitive world of property investment.

Jay Munoz

Jamie York

Jamie York is a renowned property expert and entrepreneur, widely recognized for his expertise in property deal packaging. He is the founder of one of the UK’s largest deal sourcing and packaging companies, offering comprehensive training and mentorship in this niche area of real estate investment. His company has helped thousands of individuals through rigorous training programs designed to equip them with the skills needed to succeed in property investment.

Mark Stokes, a seasoned property developer, mentor, author, and business investor with over 30 years of experience. After leaving corporate life in 2015, where he managed projects ranging from £1m to £1bn, Mark has dedicated himself to helping others achieve financial independence through property and business ownership. Now, he focuses particularly on commercial conversions, utilizing his vast experience to guide investors in transforming properties for optimal returns. Mark provides high-performance training and mentoring, covering a wide spectrum from start-ups to multi-million-pound ventures. His expertise helps aspiring entrepreneurs and investors build successful and sustainable business models.

Mark Stokes

Nick Staab

Nick has quickly established himself as a mentor and coach in his own right, which has been captured in his debut Amazon published book “Selling is Serving”.  Nick currently mentor’s businesses and individuals alike to achieve greater things using his personal success blueprint. This to date has seen Nick record sales of over £10,000,000 personally and over £100,000,000 collectively with his business clients.

Phil is a solution focused, multiple business entrepreneur, devoted family man and extreme sports enthusiast. His diverse background includes professional expertise in investment, development, training, and real estate. Phil’s ability to communicate and support his clients and peers, comes from decades of experience in an impressive range of fields including: motivational and public speaking, finance/brokerage, aesthetics business consultation, accountancy, property investment, property investment training, classic car racing, speed boat racing, and flight instructor.

Phil Elder

Ross Mallalieu

Ross Mallalieu, often reffered to as “The Agent Whisperer”, has been sourcing Rent 2 Rent Multi let and Service Accommodation deals nationally for over 10 years, averaging around 15 – 20 deals per month nationally, using a proven method that works consistently.  He has sourced creative property deals for one of the largest R2R Operators in the UK and is a specialist in finding properties to facilitate corporate clients via agents and landlords.  Ross has sourced approximately 2000 deals throughrout the UK including hundreds of creative property deals via all the major National Letting chains, Savills, Your Move, Martin & co, Belvoir and many more.

Rebeca Petran is a property investor, mentor, certified coach, and author. She has been sourcing Rent to Rent and Serviced Accommodation deals nationally for over 5 years, averaging approximately 30 deals, using a method that has been proven to work.  She is one of the UKs top Rent to Rent and Serviced Accommodation mentors who has been mentoring the community for over 3 years. Rebeca has facilitated over 100 deals and is known for her expertise in Rent to Rent, Serviced Accommodation, business profitability, numbers, legals, management and systems.

Rebeca Petran

Jim Francis

Jim Francis, a distinguished business and wealth strategist, embarked on a remarkable journey that transitioned him from a successful corporate leader at a Fortune 500 company to a trailblazing entrepreneur. His career highlights include the launch of the inaugural Tony Robbins franchise in Toronto, Canada, and the promotion of influential speakers such as Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Charles Givens, and Robert Kiyosaki.  Jim has launched more than twenty companies in the real estate and financial education sectors. His dedication to teaching has reached over a million people worldwide, enhancing their knowledge and skills in wealth creation.

Paul O’Mahony is a keynote speaker, online education entrepreneur, and nine-time bestselling author. He founded the Rethink Academy, the world’s leading online entrepreneur educator, after leaving a debt-ridden corporate career. His education, derived from traditional routes like Chemical Engineering and MBA, did not satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit. Paul now promotes practical education in money, mindset, and entrepreneurship for all ages. He has shared stages with icons like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins and has impacted over a million people across 90 countries, generating over $50 million and transforming lives from ages seven to eighty.

Paul O'Mahony