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Assets for Life is an industry-leading, Forbes-featured property, business and wealth education company, based in the UK. As a specialist wealth education and property investment company, we are dedicated to helping new and existing property investors and entrepreneurs to accelerate their success through world-class training, mentorship, strategies, tools and resources. 

We are living proof that anyone can build life-changing income and achieve success, given the right education and mindset. Using tried and tested blueprints, our training and property investment company show you how to thrive in property and business and alter the direction of your life for the better. With an extraordinary success rate from previous and existing candidates, our dedicated industry leading team will show you how to build sustainable property business assets. By asset we don’t just mean property; we also mean yourself – because fundamentally we believe that YOU are your greatest asset. 

Assets for Life promises a quality service from the outset, welcoming you into our family and building a win-win relationship that lasts. Did we mention we are the UK’s highest star rated wealth training and property investment company?  

Liam Ryan

Liam Ryan

Exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, Liam has always had an eye for a great opportunity and started his first sales job whilst still at school.
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Meet Our Founders

Our founders, Liam and Jay, are both successful property and business professionals with proven expertise. As mentors they guide their students to build  and manage effective property businesses. They demonstrate that with a trusted partner, the right education and a strong power team, anything is possible.

Jay Munoz

Jay Munoz

A qualified civil engineer, Jay Munoz (BSc (Hons) MSc, CEng, MICE) is highly technical with a great head for numbers; understanding the financial intricacies of investment and making calculated business decisions.
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We Follow Key Values

Our wealth training and property investment company is built around key values and beliefs that help us provide the very best possible property, business and wealth education.

Working with Assets for Life will give you access to a network of like-minded property, business & wealth professionals, with the common goal to share knowledge and experiences - to help you prosper in business.