Assets for Life


Are property events worth it?

If you are interested in joining our previous candidates who have gone on to achieve success through property and build their own property portfolio, our property events are a great place to start. Learn direct from industry leading experts and gain access to the latest strategies and blueprints that are working in today’s market. 

What are the best UK property events to attend?

Assets For Life is proud to partner with the best property experts in the UK to deliver top-rated property training. Irrespective of the stage you are in in your property journey or the path you wish to pursue, our intensive online and in-person property investments events have got you covered. Our UK based training covers a wide range of property investment strategies including HMOs, house flipping, deal packaging, rent to rent, serviced accommodation and much more. 

Which property event is best for me?

Not sure which property networking event is best for you? The best way to determine which property event is most suitable is to consider your goals and the stage you are at as an investor and enrol on a course that is aligns with this. For example, if you are new to property investment, have a small budget to get started, our Deal Packaging course may be the most suitable. If you wish to capitalise on a booming market, with a tried and tested strategy that is working in today’s market, our Serviced Accommodation may be best. 

I have no previous property experience, can I attend?

Whether you’re new to property investment and are looking to launch your career in property or are a seasoned pro looking to scale, our training events are for you. Our course material is practical and easy-to-digest and with full expert guidance and community support, you’ll be able to put what you’ve learned to work and start seeing results with ease. 

What types of training does Assets for Life offer?

Assets for Life provides comprehensive training in property investment, deal packaging, commercial conversions, sales, speaking and serviced accommodation. We offer bootcamps, mentorships, and free events designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in property and business. 

How can I start my journey with Assets for Life?

You can begin by attending one of our free training sessions, which are available throughout the year. These sessions provide insights into our methods and how we can help you build your property portfolio. Check our Events page for upcoming dates. 

Are there any success stories I can read about?

Yes, our website features numerous success stories from our clients who have transformed their careers through our training. These stories can provide motivation and a realistic picture of what to expect. 

What makes Assets for Life different from other property training companies?

We pride ourselves on providing CPD-certified, firsthand property and business knowledge from experienced professionals who have built their own successful portfolios. Our personalised approach in training and mentorship sets us apart. 

Can I get personalised help for my property investments?

Absolutely, our bootcamps and mentorship programs offer personalised guidance tailored to your specific goals in property investment. You’ll receive hands-on support from our experts every step of the way.

What is the duration of the training programs offered?

Our training programs vary in length. Workshops can be a few days, while mentorship programs span several months, providing ongoing support to ensure you achieve your business and property goals. 

Do I need prior property investment experience to join your programs?

No prior experience is necessary. Our programs are designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned investors, providing the knowledge and tools needed at every stage. 

How can I finance my property investments after the training?

We cover various financing strategies during our courses, including creative financing options like joint ventures, angel investors, and leveraging existing assets. This training will help you identify the best strategy for your circumstances. 

Can international clients join Assets for Life training programs?

Yes, international clients are welcome to join our training programs. While our live events are held in the UK, we do offer a range of online training events as well as online resources and support that are accessible worldwide. 

What ongoing support does Assets for Life offer after completing a program?

After completing a program, clients have access to our community network, ongoing mentorship opportunities, and exclusive resources. We ensure you have the support needed to apply your new skills effectively.