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Charity Projects

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Charitable Causes

Assets for Life is committed to charity and fundraising. We love to give back with both donations and our time. 

In line with our Vivid Vision, we organise an annual event (physically challenging) and all proceeds go to charity.

All of the AFL Team have a strong belief in giving back and passion for helping others. We are often doing fundraising events and it is a team effort for all the charity work we do.

2021 – Charity Challenge – 5k Nuclear Mud Run

We completed a 5k nuclear mud run, overcoming obstacles and tricky terrain. 

We had a team made up of AFL Staff & Community members, who all embraced the challenge to help raise money for our chosen charities. 

2019 – Charity Challenge – 14.5km Swim 

We completed a relay swim of 14.5km, which is the the same distance as the Strait of Gibraltar – Spain to Morroco. We achieved this challenge within our target of 14hrs.

Corporate Sponsors:
MPC121 Ltd
Mitchell Atkinson
GoodyBurrett LLP

2018 – Charity Challenge – 24 Hour Team Cycle

We travelled the longest distance as a team on a static cycle in 24 hours.

We had a team of AFL staff/ mentees/ members/ friends and family to help us raise as much money as possible for our chosen charities, which we actively support throughout the year and it was a resounding success. We raised a substantial amount of money that has been sent directly to our supported charities.

Charities We Support 

Colchester Night Shelter

The Colchester Night Shelter helps local people in need of a place to stay, a hot meal and assists them getting back on their feet. They are a drug and alcohol free centre, with volunteers and staff, based in the Town Centre. They have 25 rooms for residents and a tenant introduction scheme.

Colchester Night Shelter
Village Build Project

We are helping a hard-working couple in Colombia that gets paid £5 per day to shelter and feed their family. They lost everything during a house fire and now live in a temporary shelter that they built themselves. When they feel ready, they will pay it forward and help another family by building a house for or with them.

Charity Projects
Charity Projects

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