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A property podcast like no other! The deal-maker himself, Liam Ryan, shares valuable insights in our highly instructive and life-changing property investment podcast. Do you want to become the next best deal maker? Lend us your ears, and let Liam change your life today! 

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Why The Deal Maker Property Investment Podcast?

Looking for straight-talking property investment podcasts with real insights, case studies and actionable strategies you can replicate whether you are new to property or a seasoned pro? Tried various property podcasts but can’t seem to find one with everything you need all in one place? Look no further!

We created The Deal Maker property podcast because we recognise that property investment has something new for you to learn every day. Our aim is to help you shape your future, encourage conversation, questions and curiosity, no matter what path you desire to follow in the world of property investing. The property investment podcasts are guaranteed to have something that will have a positive impression on your future. 

On this Property Investment Podcast you’ll be learning from…

On our property investment podcasts, you’ll be learning direct from our co-founder Liam Ryan. Liam has a proven track record with investments and has surmounted a staggering £18 million worth of property deals in the last five years. On top of that, he’s raised over £9 million in joint venture funding. You have Liam’s word and the word of our many candidates whose aspirations are now a reality thanks to our property podcast, academy, Bootcamp and more. You can find direct links to our property podcasts episodes below!

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