Landlord Tips & Tricks: 5 Property Features Tenants Want Most

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Tenants want a property to be perfect for their needs, and many of them look for the same features in a property. The best thing you can do to increase interest in your portfolio is to ensure that you implement the most desired features to your properties. We’ve gathered our top 5 landlord tips & tricks to get your portfolio the attention it deserves. 

Natural Lighting 

Any tenant will appreciate plenty of natural light because it makes a property feel more homely, cosy and spacious. Tenants might not show that it’s a priority, but they tend to look for it without realising it. Adding light to your existing properties may require extra work, but if you plan on expanding your portfolio, it’s worth considering properties with an abundance of natural light. 

Minimalistic & Clean Presentation 

Unclean properties are not going to appeal to anyone. Good housekeeping is an essential landlord tip as you will be increasing the appeal of your properties with little to no effort. Many tenants are drawn to modern stylings and fixtures unless the property is period-specific, so you’d want to style the property accordingly. 

If your rental looks dated, a lick of paint and some more inexpensive upgrades can help get punters through the door. For example, light fittings and door handles are simple things that can go a long way.  

Tenants will likely want to put their mark on the property, so clear spaces will help inspire their ideas on how to furnish and style the property. 

Outdoor Spaces 

Being outdoors is great, especially in the summer. So, you can expect tenants to want a private outdoor area such as a balcony, garden or patio. If a tenant has kids, green space would be desirable. However, young adults may not want the maintenance of a lawn to keep up with, so bear that in mind depending on your type of tenant. 

Storage Areas 

Nobody wants to be leaving clutter lying around the house. Storage space is essential to most tenants, so they have somewhere to tuck away home appliances when not in use or keep some belongings out of sight. It’s worth considering how you can maximise storage within your properties. You can increase storage in several ways including, under stair cupboards, airing cupboards, window bay storage boxes and more. 

A Place to Park 

Not all properties come with parking spaces, especially in cities and towns. Tenants will want somewhere away from the curbside to park their car if they drive and own a car. A driveway or private parking space will add value to your property, and most tenants will prefer it over other options without parking. 

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