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Our intensive property investment courses are designed to equip with everything you need to thrive in property and business. Whether you are a novice or a pro, our intensive training will help you unleash your potential and achieve your goals. Our team of property investment course trainers and mentors comprises of industry leaders with first-hand experience of building 8-figure property and business portfolios from the ground up.  

Usually, the preferred route to our property investment courses is via a FREE training event of ours such, whereby the student has had first-hand experience of Assets for Life and therefore has a deeper understanding of what is involved. However, in some circumstances we will accept applications, who can demonstrate they have attended similar training before and/or who have already embarked on their property journey to join the property investment courses bootcamp subject to an interview.

* Discounts apply to students of our summits. Pricing on application.

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3-Day, In-Person Property Investment Course Bootcamps

The Property Millionaire Bootcamp

What Is The Property Millionaire Bootcamp? 

The Property Millionaire Bootcamp is a 3-day intensive property investment course & training event into the fundamentals of property business. This in-person training is designed to equip you with everything you need to launch and grow your own multi-million-pound property portfolio and business from scratch. 

What you will learn:  

On this training, you will learn:  

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The Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp

What Is The Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp? 

The Serviced Accommodation Bootcamp is a 3-day, in-person, comprehensive property investment training event on how to Find, Fund & Fill Property Deals using proven strategies. This deep dive property training event is designed to help you supercharge your business outlook and capitalise on a booming market, whether you are new to property or a seasoned pro. 

What you will learn:  

On this training, you will learn:  

We will show you how to build a property portfolio and achieve financial independence

The Deal Packaging Bootcamp

What Is The Deal Packaging Bootcamp Bootcamp? 

The Property Deal Packaging Bootcamp is a deep dive into simple techniques and winning strategies to help you skyrocket your income without using your own money to get started. The live training is taught by Jamie York, leading property expert and founder of one of the largest deal packaging companies in the UK. 

What you will learn:  

On this property investment course, you will learn:  

The Elite Sales Bootcamp

What Is The Elite Sales Bootcamp? 

The Elite Sales Bootcamp is a live training event designed to help you master the art of Selling By Serving. Whether you are a naturalborn salesperson or have no sales background, the intensive training teaches you super simple strategies to help you make your first or next £100, 000. The training is delivered by Nick Stabb, public speaker, sales & wealth coach and founder of the Elite Sales Academy.  

What you will learn:  

On this training, you will learn: