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The Property Deal Packaging Bootcamp

What is The Property Deal Packaging Bootcamp?

The Property Deal Packaging Bootcamp is a deep dive into simple techniques and winning strategies to help you skyrocket your income without using your own money to get started. The live training is taught by Jamie York, leading property expert and founder of one of the largest deal packaging and property sourcing companies in the UK. This deal packaging course is designed to help you thrive whether you are a pro or a complete beginner.

Important: Please note that this deal packaging course by Jamie York Property is an integral element of The Property Deal Packaging Fast Track online training programme.

Why Attending This Dealsourcing And Packaging Training is The Biggest No-brainer… 

What You Will Learn  

On this dealsourcing and packaging training by Jamir York Property, you will learn:  

Who You'll Be Learning From:

Jamie York - The Property Deal Packaging Summit

Jamie York, Jamie York Property

Jamie York is a leading UK property consultancy for investment, education, and property trading: focused on generational growth with the aim of assisting individuals to build long term wealth.   

Jamie also owns one of the largest dealsourcing and packaging companies in the UK and has been packaging deals for clients for over 10 years across England and Wales.  

Jamie founded his first company at 18 and purchased his first investment property at 19, going on to own one of the largest deal packaging and property sourcing companies in the UK.  

Becoming a millionaire at 24, Jamie has experienced the highs and lows of investment and building up a property company. He has educated 1000s of individuals to date through this deal packing course, teaching them from his first-hand experiences as an experienced property sourcer and deal packaging expert.  

Jamie believes in a value first mentality, providing individuals with as much knowledge as possible in an industry he is active in, ensuring the information is both practised and relevant.  

Candidate Success Stories

Whether you are new to dealsourcing and packaging or have already been reaping the benefits of this powerful property strategy, this intensive deal sourcer and deal packaging course is designed to help you gain expertise, joining others who have gone on to launch and scale their own deal packaging and property sourcing companies. Here, previous students from our training programmes and bootcamps, including this popular dealsourcing and packaging course by Jamie York Property, share their success stories.

What Previous Students Have To Say About This Deal Packaging Course

Don’t just take ouword for it, here’s what some of our previous candidates who have attended this dealsourcing and packaging live training have to say…


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Deal Packaging?

Deal packaging involves putting together various elements required to pitch a property investment deal to investors. Elements that usually make up a deal include research of the area, price comparison, offers, management, etc. Deal packaging is a popular property investment strategy for many reasons. This strategy is popular amongst new property investors as it typically doesn’t require a huge financial investment, time or a mortgage to get started.

Why This Jamie York Deal Packaging Training?

Why this Jamie York Deal Packaging bootcamp? If you’re looking for a deep dive into the latest property deal packaging strategies, you’ll be in safe hands with Jamie York – the UK’s industry leading deal packaging expert. From buying his first investment property at 19 and going on to launch one of the largest deal packaging companies in the UK, Jamie’s expertise speaks for itself.

How to Start Deal Packaging?

Not sure where to start in your deal packaging journey? The key when it comes to how to start deal packaging is to have access to the right education. It’s no secret that this strategy can be highly lucrative but to avoid legal complications and ensure you have the market knowledge required, access to the right information matters. The best place to start is with this intensive Jamie York Deal Packaging bootcamp!

Am I Eligible?

Whether you’re new to property investment and are looking to launch your career in property or are a seasoned pro looking to scale, this training is for you. Simply fill out the form on this page to register your interest and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.