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Learn how to engage and influence an audience of any size. +Master the number one entrepreneurial skill of speaking to sell and change your fortunes for the better.

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The Expert Speaker Bootcamp

What Is The Expert Speaker Bootcamp?

The Expert Speaker Bootcamp is a 3-day in-person intensive public speaking training event. On this highly acclaimed public speaking course you will learn the formula to successful public speaking and how to use that skill in every walk of your life to create positive outcomes and win win scenarios. This training is delivered by two renowned masters of public speaking, Liam Ryan and Adam Stott. 

All of our public speaking courses are CPD-certified and designed to help you leverage this number one entrepreneurial skill whether you are a complete beginner or a pro. To register your interest for our public speaking coaching, simply fill out the short contact form.

Why The Expert Speaker Bootcamp:  

Why choose our CPD-certified public speaking courses?

What You’ll Learn:  

On this public speaking course, you will learn:  

Who You’ll Be Learning From:

On this public speaking course, you’ll be learning from:

Liam Ryan serviced accommodation summit

Liam Ryan Co-founder of Assets for Life

Liam Ryan Co-founder of Assets for Life

Liam is a Forbes-featured property business entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, host, and co-founder of Assets For Life. Through determination, Liam has managed to grow his property business from nothing into an 8-figure property empire.

When he was younger, despite the hardship around him, he knew he wanted more than just “making do”.

From selling sweets in the playground to building a multi-million-pound business, he has worked hard to create a better life for myself and his family.

Liam know’s how it feels to be in a tough spot, between a rock and hard place. He know’s how it feels to build a multi-million-pound business, then lose it all and then (thankfully) build it all again.

He has not let his mistakes hold him back – and neither should you. Regardless of where you are right now, you can experience the success you desire. However, there are no short cuts. You will need to work hard, be determined, open to learning and become resilient.

Adam Stott

Energetic, straight-talking, entertaining and hugely inspirational, Big Business Events Founder Adam Stott is currently one of the UK’s leading speakers on business, entrepreneurship and public speaking coaching. An award-winning entrepreneur, international business and wealth coach, he is one of the UK’s leading experts on monetising Social Media. He knows firsthand what it takes to build a multi-million-pound business from scratch and how survival in today’s business climate is all about hard work, humility, foresight and the ability to adapt fast…


The Essex-born 38-year-old, who has personally sold £50m of products and services via Social Media is founder and face of the hugely popular Big Business Events (BBE). BBE is the UK’s fastest growing business members’ network and hosts public speaking training and networking events in Essex, London and Birmingham (with more UK cities to be announced) to help entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey.


A prolific speaker and growing media personality Adam has interviewed the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Calvin Klein, Anthony Joshua, 50Cent, John Travolta and social media entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg.

He is an official member of The Forbes Coaches Council and has recently launched his new podcast – Business Growth Secrets.

Adam Stott Assets For Life Public Speaking Expert

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