Lendlord Review: Property Portfolio App

Lendlord is a portfolio management tool that you can use to run an effective, profitable, and low-risk property business. It makes it possible to manage and develop your property portfolio performance, explore financing possibilities, and make more educated investment and business choices. You can save all documents and data related to your property portfolio in a secure cloud environment. LendLord provides a dashboard where you can easily access property portfolio metrics and data at any time. 

Precise Portfolio Metrics & Data  

Lendlord provides you with exact data about your property portfolio. You can easily track and analyse key metrics for your whole portfolio or specific properties. For example, you can obtain your portfolio or a property’s overall LTV (loan-to-value), total equity, ICR (interest cover ratio), and RCR (rental cover ratio).  

These metrics will assist you in making better decisions with improved judgement when mortgaging and refinancing based on your current position and available options. You can also access and analyse profit and loss, expense, rent collection, and ROI data on your portfolio or properties. Having these metrics readily available will help you improve the performance of your portfolio, making it more effective and less risky. 

Custom Financial Products  

The portfolio management platform lets you discover finance and capital raising possibilities. It promotes various financial products for you to consider that are optimised based on your portfolio profile, portfolio performance data, and personal details. 

The financial products include buy-to-let mortgages and re-mortgages, bridge loans, secured loans and revolving credit loans, commercial loans, and landlord insurance. The financing process is carried out online and includes quote receipt, application submission & approval, legal processing, and funds release.  

Analyse Property Deals 

Lendlord comes with a tool that helps you to analyse potential buy-to-sell deals. You can access and evaluate short-term and long-term KPIs for new properties you might want to acquire. You can also obtain rich knowledge and insights about potential property deals and acquisitions and compare prospective properties with your current properties.  

The app enables you to identify and explore various alternatives for securing bridge loans based on the details of the deals and data about their property portfolio. You can also monitor and manage the entire process of buying new properties via the Lendlord app. 

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