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How To Write A 60 Second Elevator Pitch

Networking events are the perfect place to secure JV Finance, but for a lot of people they can be intimidating places.

Your goal is to get interest in your business, and funding for your projects, but where do you start?

Well, practice really does make perfect.

You really do just have to turn up, try your best and keep coming back.

But if you want to make attracting JV Finance a done deal, then you need a 60 Second Elevator Pitch!

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to give condensed information about your business or project in the time it takes to ride an elevator.

If your pitch is longer than this, it’s easy to lose your way or offer up unnecessary information. This makes it look like you don’t actually have any real direction or a solid plan, which isn’t an attractive investment.

The tone of your pitch is key; keep it natural as if you were having a conversation with somebody, but don’t forget your aim which is ultimately getting new clients on board with your project.

If you master a 60 Second Pitch, you will come across as focused and a secure investment, with clear vision and direction.

We have a proven formula for 60 Second Pitches:

Introduction + Unique Selling Point + Call To Action

To really master each section, there are 3 questions you need to ask yourself…

1. Who Are You?

Underlining your company and what you do is absolutely vital in the first few seconds of an elevator pitch.

A clear and concise introduction is a professional and memorable way to break the ice.

Think to yourself: 
– What makes me unique?
– What do I have to offer that others don’t?
– You only getting one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you stand head and shoulders above the rest and give people something worth listening to.
– Don’t be afraid to sell yourself!
– Although it is a nerve wracking experience and especially if it is your first time pitching at a networking event, it’s important that you stand up with confidence and speak slowly and clearly.
– If you don’t believe in your own ability, how can you expect others to trust you?
Be confident!
2. What Can You Do For Them?

When it comes down to it, you are not just at a networking event to give information about your company, you are there to sell yourself and convince investors why they should be coming to you.
Make them feel like they are important and keep your focus on them with a tailor made pitch and winning smile.
You want potential investors to not only know who you are and what you do, but most importantly, what you can do for them!

The reason investors are at these events is to seek out a company that best suits them and their aims.
So your initial focus should be on asking questions and fact finding, this will help you create the perfect solution to their problems.

If you can, use facts and figures from your past JV partnerships, to highlight your success and present yourself as a safe investment.
3. Where Do You Go From Here?

You should be using the end section of your pitch to take people to the next step.
Invite further questions and be willing to discuss the different options you have.
Have an engaging conversation and find out more about them, this will help you if you take the relationship further.

Try to book in a personal coffee or a phone call to go into detail.

And if you can’t secure a sit down, then leave them your business card or contact details.

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Now what?

Well you need to sit down and answer those three questions.

Once you do, craft your own pitch and remember to follow the structure Intro -> USP -> CTA.

Then it’s time to edit and work on your pitch, a first draft is not a finished one.

Ask yourself is it clear? concise? can it be tailored to different people?

The best and most successful 60 Second Elevator pitches come with time and practice.

So test yours out on a few different people and ask for some honest advice.

The more condensed and focused the pitch is the more likely you are to have success with it.

And one last top tip: make your ending a killer sentence!

Pulling your speech together is a solidifying moment in a investor’s mind as to whether they think there is a future between your both, so make sure you leave a lasting impression on them.