“Why Should People Invest In Me?”

It’s a question we get asked all the time.

People are often scared of how to present themselves as a JV opportunity, especially if they have limited experience in the property market.

You have to remember that investors respond best to people they can relate to. So make sure to actively listen to what they are saying and input something of value to the conversation.

Starting a partnership takes a strong level of connection and trust and you need to build this from the beginning.

If you are enthusiastic, passionate and approachable, people will want to listen to you. If you can then engage them in conversation, they will start to like you.

Then, when you want to pitch them on why it will benefit them to invest in you, you can use these three reasons to convince them.

1. You Offer An Armchair Investment

If your potential partners have money to invest but no time to create something with it, then you have the opportunity to give them everything they need.

Be clear that if they invest the money, you’ll be the one doing all the hard work.

All they have to do is sit back and watch their money grow.

2. You Offer Better Interest Rates Than The Bank

It’s no surprise that people’s trust in the banking system has reached all time lows in recent years.

The Bank of England pledged £2.5 billion of everyday people’s money to calm the waters post Brexit, this means investors are no longer seeing a return on their savings.

In fact, money in the bank continues to lose around 3% due to inflation!

You can offer investors an opportunity to beat the banks and make real money with minimal effort.

3. Nobody Can Rely On Pensions Anymore

With some £100,000 pensions paying out a measly £75 per week, those nearing retirement age are finding themselves at risk of losing everything they’ve worked hard for over their lives.

You can present a far more stable and profitable opportunity which can pay out significantly more than the average pension.

The real key to securing JV finance is to take a genuine interest in an Investor as a person, not just a source of potential income.

You need to find out their Why and then find a way to present a solution for getting them there.
Always come from a place of service and look to create an Investment opportunity well suited to their needs and desires.

You should get to know them, their goals and their aspirations. Remember, that not everyone will be the right JV partner for you, if your goals and values don’t fit well, then it might not be right to seek out a deal with them.

The more people you meet though, the more chance you will have to find the right JV partner for you.

Just get yourself out there, have confidence and be enthusiastic.