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10 Social Media Post Ideas for Your Property Business

Are you stuck on what to post on social media? If yes, you’re in luck!

In today’s blog post we will be giving you 10 social media post ideas for your property business that you can use on ANY platform.

1. Share recent property news

You can find recent property news on websites such as Zoopla, BBC, The Guardian. Not only will this be useful for your audience, but it will help you keep up to date with property news.

2. Share customer testimonials

Sharing customer testimonials will help you build trust with your audience.

3. Share behind the scenes

Show your audience what goes on behind the scenes in your business. This could be an image/video of your team, office, property viewings, etc.

4. Share a day in the life

Let your audience in on what goes on during your day. This will be a good way to entice your audience and let them know more about what you do!

5. Introduce yourself

Let your audience know the person or team behind the business. You can introduce yourself by playing a fun game such as ‘two truths, one lie’, sharing facts about yourself or sharing your journey into property.

6. Promote upcoming events

Let your audience know what events you have coming up! This will keep them in the loop of what you have to offer.

7. Share your wins – big or small

Celebrating your wins are so important! Examples include sharing new members of your team, a new listing, completing a project, new website, etc.

8. Share some motivational quotes

Give your audience some weekly/bi-weekly motivation! You never know who might need it.

9. Share weekly property tips for first time buyers

When you create tips for your audience, make sure they hold value and are saveable.

10. Share funny memes/gifs

Share relatable memes/gifs making sure they’re in line with your property niche.

Refer to these steps whenever you run out of social media content.

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