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Intensive, 1-2-1 property coach sessions from industry experienced leaders and mentors

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Learn with us.  Grow with us.  Thrive with us.

Our property mentor programmes are everything that our experts know about property, business and investment made available to you. Each programme is led by proven property industry leaders and mentors and delivered in a dynamic learning environment. All property coach sessions are timetabled over a 12-month period to provide mentees with all year-round support and guidance to fast track their growth potential. 

Whilst the learning is rigorous, you will be in a safe and fun environment where we guide you from start to finish.  Our expert mentorship team comprises of 15 industry experienced leaders and mentors who will give you expert tutelage and keep you on track by holding you to the highest level of accountability. 

All property mentor programmes are supported by monthly webinars, additional 1-2-1 property coach sessions, a dedicated and interactive private Facebook group, keynote speakers who will shake up your thinking, opening your mind to new concepts, a video training vault and members area giving access to proprietary documents and more. 


Property Mentor Programmes Available:   

The Assets For Life Academy – hosted by Liam J Ryan and Jay Munoz 

The AFL Academy is a workspace to a growing number of highly motivated mentees with the common goal of succeeding in property business. This strong desire to succeed is matched by our property business proven mentors, who will provide you with the requisite education and tools to fulfil your property journey. 

We want you to achieve property success as quickly as our founders, Liam Ryan and Jay Munoz did with the exception of not having to repeat their mistakes. We will give you expert personal coaching, steer you away from the pitfalls with proven case studies and guide you to the pinnacle of your abilities. 

Your Mentors:

Assets For Life co-founders, Liam J Ryan and Jay Munoz , are both successful property and business professionals with proven expertise. As mentors, they guide their students to build  and manage effective property businesses. They demonstrate that with a trusted partner, the right education and a strong power team anything is possible. Start your journey to becoming a property mogul and building life-changing income, with full guidance.


The Serviced Accommodation Academy – hosted by Liam J Ryan and Ross Mallalieu 

The Serviced Accommodation Academy encompasses world-class personal and property coach sessions to help you generate unlimited cashflow. Our approach to both property and business is all about increasing your income while reducing your time. The Academy together the most powerful ways of growing income and building long-term wealth, so you get the life you really want.  

Your Mentors

This comprehensive property mentor programme is delivered by Liam J Ryan,  Forbes-featured entrepreneur, best-selling author, property coach, host, and co-founder of Assets For Life and Ross Mallalieu, Serviced Accommodation specialist and property coach with over 10 years’ experience sourcing deals for major National Letting chains, Savills, Your Move, Martin & co, Belvoir and many more. The Academy brings together the most powerful ways of growing income and building long-term wealth as a property mogul, so you get the life you really want.  


The Property Deal packaging Academy – hosted by Jamie York 

The Property Deal Packaging Academy is a leading property mentor programme designed to help you skyrocket your income without the need of mortgages and sizeable capital investment. The Academy covers exclusive wealth creation strategies as well as industry secrets, including the latest conversion hacks to get the deepest, below market value deals. Start your journey to building life-changing wealth and becoming a property mogul, with full guidance.

 Your Mentor

The comprehensive coaching is delivered by Jamie York, leading expert, property mogul, coach and founder of one of the largest deal packaging companies in the UK. 


The Elite Sales Academy – hosted by Nick Staab

The Elite Sales Academy equips you with all you need to master the art of Selling By Serving and make your first or next £100, 000. Whether you are a natural-born salesperson or have no sales background, the intensive coaching teaches you simple invaluable tips and strategies to help supercharge your growth.   

Your Mentor

The first-class coaching is delivered by Nick Staab, author, public speaker and sales & wealth coach and is designed to help you sell with confidence and conviction, even if you don’t like selling at all. 


The Social Media Domination Academy – hosted by Adam Stott 

The Social Media Domination Academy equips you with everything you need to generate 6-7 figure profits with social media. 

The comprehensive coaching deep dives into wealth creation through social media, covering business opportunities, tips on generating a flow of new leads, catching the attention of investors, closing higher ticket deals quicker and more.

Your Mentor

The Academy is delivered by UK leading business speaker and Forbes Coaches Council Member, Adam Scott. 

The Elite Speakers School Academy – hosted by Jessen James 

World Class Professional Public Speaker coaching, where you will learn the exact 7-figure revenue generating blueprint of how to present with impact and influence whether you are on a stage, on a webinar, in a boardroom or even in a face to face, one to one meeting. 

Your Mentor 

The Academy is delivered by 7 Times Award Winning International Speaker, Jessen James, who will equip you with all the strategies needed to generate more revenue into your business or organisation.   




Usually, the preferred route is via a training course of ours such as The Property Millionaires Bootcamp*, whereby the student has had first-hand experience of Assets for Life and therefore has a deeper understanding of what is involved. However, in some circumstances we will accept applications, who can demonstrate they have attended similar training before and/or who have already embarked on their property journey to join the Academy subject to an interview.

* Discounts apply to graduates of the Assets for Life Property Millionaires
Bootcamp. Pricing on Application.

Do You Qualify? 

If you’d like to know more about joining our property mentorship programmes and get pricing information, please email or call the office on 01245 408 680.