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Property, Business and Wealth Education: Success Stories

Assets for Life is committed to positively shaping the future of others through the leading property, business and wealth training. We host various training events designed to teach you everything you need to start investing in property and business.  

Our academy is rated one of the best property, business, and wealth education platforms in the UK. We are proud to share a collection of proven success stories where our students have become masters in maximising results and developers of a future filled with financial success. If you want a life filled with wealth and freedom, see what our successful candidates have to say.


Completing a Deal Weeks After Bootcamp – Danny’s Story

Danny and Liam stood together outside

One of our determined candidates, Danny, made big moves almost immediately after finishing our Bootcamp. He completed his first deal within 12 days on two houses with a total of 8 bedrooms. Danny made the conscious decision to take an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) approach rather than single letting due to the increased benefits from rental income. He sure wasn’t wrong in taking this approach as his gross rental income per month comes within the region of £4,400.

“The best thing I have ever done in my working life”  Danny


Life-changing Experience – The Dobsons

Liam and The Dobson's sat in a pub

Now partners of AFL, Jackie, and Neil Dobson, found a high cash flow, 19 unit serviced accommodation development in Lowestoft. It has left them with little to no work to do on the units other than the utilities, such as reading energy meters. One day Jackie received an email and started property hunting, which led them to this development on Rightmove. The property is not owned by the Dobsons but instead is agreed on a rent-to-rent basis. Meaning they do not have to pay a mortgage, or have a generous sum of money, instead, they pay the property owner a monthly fee and then rent out the units to contractors. 

Neil conducted his research and decided contractors were the key to success for this until, however, they furnished and decorated the property to appeal to holidaymakers. Therefore, making full use of the units and turning over as much profit as possible. Just one penthouse of 19 can turn over figures within the region of £2000+ in net profits.


Everything Just Clicked – Elise’s Story

Elise being interviewed about her success

Elise always dreamt of investing in property and one day gain a considerable sum of money to provide for her family and their future. She started at one of our London events with a powerful desire to gain the ability to know what she was doing. Our property & wealth education talks just clicked for her, especially when meeting like-minded people from the academy and speaking to successful people.  

Elise is now confident with her knowledge and will forever remember what she learnt at our event. After securing her first deal, she could not believe it, and it took her to get the keys for the reality set in. Now, Elise is full of belief and sees figures around £280,000+ net income during high seasons. 

“At the beginning, you’re going to feel frustrated because you don’t have the answers straight away. But keep pushing, and your questions and your answers will come” – Elise 

Our events have proven to be a life-changing opportunity for many people. If you’re interested in property investment and want a future full of property and wealth, check out our free webinar and more today.


No Money, No Problem! – Hadjer Beyaz

Hadjer with Liam J Ryan and Nick Staab

Yes, you read that right. When Hadjer Beyaz first joined our academy, she was working at Selfridges. Hadjer has since put her soul into her very own property business. The venture required none of her own money because of the strategy she chose and what she had learnt at our academy.

She has recently completed her 54th property deal, impressive! Her speciality is rent to rent developments and HMO deals. They have completely changed her life, and she is now joining the AFL team as a mentor to give back and help others achieve success.

Learn more about our wealth education events and academy today!