Assets for Life


The Assets For Life Academy

Learn with us.  Grow with us.  Thrive with us.

The AFL Academy is everything that we know about property business and
investment made available to you.  It is a unique learning and training
environment led by proven property industry leaders and mentors. The Academy is
timetabled over a 12-month period to provide mentees an all year-round support
to fast track their growth potential.

The Academy meets once a month and is supported by monthly webinars,
additional 1-2-1 sessions, a dedicated and interactive private Facebook group,
keynote speakers who will shake up your thinking opening your mind to new
concepts, a video training vault and members area giving access to proprietary
documents. We give you expert tutelage and keep you on track by holding you to
the highest level of accountability.

Whilst the learning is rigorous you will be in a safe and fun environment
where we guide you from start to finish.  

Why You Want to Learn it

The AFL Academy, is a workspace to a growing number of highly motivated mentees
with the common goal of succeeding in property business and investment. This
strong desire to succeed is matched by our property industry proven mentors who
will provide you with the requisite education and tools to fulfil your property

We want you to achieve property success as quickly as our founders, Liam
Ryan and Jay Munoz did with the exception of not having to repeat their
mistakes. We will give you expert personal coaching, steer you away from the
pitfalls with proven case studies and guide you to the pinnacle of your dreams
– financial freedom and the life you want to lead.

The Academy has a three-tier mentee structure:

Gold Online Level

A great starting point for the small investor who wants to see big results.
The training is brought to you directly via online our exclusive members area,
where you can learn from the comfort of your own home day and night. This is an
ideal starting point if you want one or two deals in your first year.

Platinum level

For anyone that is seriously focussed on replacing their income as quickly
as possible and becoming financially free in 12 months. With the Platinum level
you are given all the access, help and support of the Gold membership but you
are also invited to move from cyberspace into the real world, highly dynamic
AFL family.

Diamond Level

The Diamond Level is a unique package of training tools, face to face
mentoring, and rapid growth strategy all in one amazing bundle of high impact
components. This level is for anyone that wants the assurance of full guidance,
complete support and a gateway to truly life changing expertise.

What You Will Learn

– Establishment of a chosen property
strategy or strategies

In-depth property strategy mentorship

– Deal Sourcing

– Serviced Accommodation

– Rent-to-Rent

– Developments

– Commercial to residential

– From the ground up

– Houses of Multiple Occupancy

– Buy-Refurb-Refinance (BRR)

– Lease options

Develop a business plan

– Goal setting and creating a vivid vision

– Research and define your property
gold mine area

– Deal analysis

– Deal structuring

– Joint Venture funding (debt and

– Capital (money) raising

– Marketing strategies (traditional
and digital)

– Sales know how

– How to build and keep a power team




Usually, the preferred route is via a training course of ours
such as The Property Millionaires Bootcamp, whereby the student has had first-hand
experience of Assets for Life and therefore has a deeper understanding of what
is involved. However, in some circumstances we will accept applications, who
can demonstrate they have attended similar training before and/or who have
already embarked on their property journey to join the Academy subject to an

* Discounts apply to graduates of the Assets for Life Property Millionaires