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Liam J Ryan

Meet Liam J Ryan! Liam J Ryan is Forbes-featured, 8-figure property business entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, host, and co-founder of Assets For Life.

Meet Liam J Ryan

I was born an entrepreneur. I started early at the ripe old age of 6 when I’d charge £2 to do Michael Jackson dancing! This progressed to washing cars, selling sweets at school, a paper-round, working in a green grocers. Then I started on tele-sales followed by door-to-door canvassing for Zenith windows. And all that before I was 15 years old!

I loved to hear “Yes” from customers, and a “no” would simply drive me to the next opportunity.

I started to make real money in my 20s by building a sales and marketing business, and this allowed me to travel the world. And Party!

I returned to England and built a great business providing renewable energy solutions and all looked rosy. That was until the fundamental flaw in my business was exposed when the Government moved the goal posts by removing subsidies and support. So that was the end of that! But, it was also the beginning of a massive change in my life.

It was at this time that I met Jay Munoz, a Chartered Civil Engineer who spoke about his work with such passion that we started to form an idea together. That idea turned into Assets For Life.

We believe only one way to do things is with 100% commitment and drive. We knew that to achieve our goals we needed the best support so we invested heavily in learning and mentoring. And now I’m a Professional Property Investor, a Property trainer, and an international speaker. What a ride! 

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