Jay Munoz

I was born in Colombia and in all honesty had a privileged upbringing. My parents started their lives together with very little as teachers, but with shear hard work and retraining they changed careers and my dad became very successful doctor. As well, my Mother got in to property development. And I’m sure it was growing up in this environment that has shaped my own work ethics, and my love for building.

I saw civil engineering as a way of improving lives; transport connections, power supplies and buildings all make a massive contribution, and I wanted to be able to improve peoples lives – ‘modus vivendi’.

After a few years in the construction industry, left Colombia and decided to immigrate to the UK and learn English to start with.

In 2003 I started doing an MSc at Surrey University, and I was determined to achieve this quali- fication whilst supporting myself. I negotiated stage payments of the course fees, and I worked full-time doing unskilled jobs, such as cleaning toilets and pizza delivery to fund it all.

With perseverance and my new qualification I set out to find myself a job. I was so conscious that UK nationals would be far higher up any pecking order, and then Europeans, leaving the “kid” from South America at the bottom of the pile. I knew I had to do something special, so I sent out 30,000 CVs! And it worked, the result was 5 job offers.

My career got me working on some great projects including:

  • The London Underground
  • Construction of the Wallbrook in London
  • EDF new nuclear power station at Hinkley point C, worth £20billon

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of business, and working in the corporate environ- ment I thought I was absolutely in the right place, until I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

This set my head spinning, and I knew I had to have my own business.

And then I met Liam. This cheeky Essex lad came knocking on my door. I’m glad to be able to say he wasn’t wearing a shell suit. There was something infectious about his energy and purpose. And as you might say, the rest is history…..

I love Assets for Life. It ticks all my boxes; I can share and help other people, I can improve lives through building and development. I have wealth to have choice and freedom, which means I can give my best to my family too.