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Investing In Property: 9 Need to Know Strategies For Finding Deals

What are some of the key strategies when investing in property to profit as quickly as possible?

If you want to become a full time property investor, you need an in depth understanding of these 9 need to know strategies that are so crucial to your property success.

By not following these strategies you could find yourself getting lots, for example searching for the wrong deals or not finding any deals at all!

1 – Be proactive and search for properties.

There are plenty of properties out there that are ‘unclaimed’ and the owners may be looking to get rid of, sometimes very Below Market Value! Set yourself KPIs such as having 10 coffee meetings a week if you’re able to commit full time hours to property, or 5 a week if you are part time.

You will only get results if you treat your business like a business, rather than a hobby. The more you put in, the more you get out – so get out there and start networking as much as possible.

Here’s photos of some of our properties to inspire you and let you know what’s possible:

Assets For Life Essex Development Assets For Life Essex Development  Assets For Life Essex DevelopmentAssets For Life Essex Development

2 – Chase people up if necessary – be persistent. 

Not everyone will respond back with the same keenness you have about a task being done. This is especially true if they don’t share your vision, so it may help, where appropriate to share this. Chasing someone up such as an estate agent or a landlord looking to sell only once or twice is not enough in some cases.

3 – Post on social media with updates on your journey.

People absolutely love to see you on site, making progress and sharing which projects you are currently working on. Sharing pictures and videos (if you feel confident enough) can be a great way to attract potential investors. In fact, from doing a Facebook live sharing some of our developments in progress we managed to secure a £700K deal just through Facebook alone.

Even if nobody engages with your posts right away, you will be building a silent audience that eventually reach out to you over time once they build some trust with you.

Here is an example:

4 – JV with someone who has skills in areas you lack.

You’re not going to be an absolute pro at everything! Think about areas you need help with the most in your business. Is it finance and numbers? Or is it someone who is great at selling and presenting? Nobody is good at everything, and by finding a business partner who can share the workload it can help you to grow much faster.

5 – Read and learn new things daily.

Make it a habit to plug into personal development content every single day. It can be anything such as audios, books or videos on YouTube, there are thousands of hours of personal development trainings out there that you may find useful. You don’t have to just rely on property related training, always balance it with something on mindset as this will help you in all areas of business.

Here is an example of personal development we suggest tapping into:

6 – Learn how to negotiate. 

In life, almost everything is negotiating. Even when you were younger, I am pretty sure you would always negotiate a later bed time or another bed time story! It’s no different in the business and property world.

This is an invaluable skill when it comes to deciding how much to do a JV split for, buying property Below Market Value and much more. If you don’t consider yourself good at negotiating, practice with a friend or work with a business partner who is more skilled in this area.

Here is a video that touches on this topic:

7 – Get an accountability partner.

Many property success seekers try and do everything on their own, which is very difficult to do. You are much more likely to get results if you have someone keeping you accountable for your actions. It doesn’t have to be a business partner but it can be another business owner, even someone in a different industry to you.

Set yourself goals such as going to 2 networking events per week, and if possible attend with your accountability partner (but don’t talk to them the whole night!). The goal here is to have someone pushing you out of your comfort zone, which is hard to do on your own if you are new to business.

8 – Find a mentor and be coachable. 

This is highly important if you want to get to the next level in your property business, and don’t want to spend a tonne of time trying different strategies out. Doing this one step can literally save you years of your life doing trial and error.

The thing to bear in mind with finding a mentor is actually following their advice and doing exactly what they say. Don’t go off piste and try a strategy that hasn’t been proven to work.

Here’s some advice from one of our mentors Rob Moore:

9 – Attend live property training and networking events.

Being in a room surrounded of successful investors is going to help you to raise your standards. There’s a saying that goes “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room!” and so being around people who have better results than you, is certainly going to teach you some new things.

Here is more about what you will discover by coming to one of our events:

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