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Improve Public Speaking: Become a Pro Speaker (Even if You’re New)

What’s the best way to improve public speaking to deliver a message people LOVE to hear?

Let’s face it – you may be having very daunting thoughts about speaking in public and you are not alone. Or at the very least, you have spoken on stage before and maybe want to improve public speaking by researching what other speakers do. In today’s post you will be able to pick up some key strategies to become a more confident speaker.

Practice is always a key factor, but you have to always bear something in mind with that. Even if you improve public speaking by practising, you will always get that ‘inner voice’ no matter how much experience you gain.

So what really helps you to become a confident speaker? What really helped me is having confidence on what I’m speaking on. If you’re new to speaking in general, the best way to improve public speaking is to start working with a topic you know a lot about. For example your day job.

Another thing you can do is watch professional public speakers and analyse what they do well. For example Barack Obama (politics aside) was a phenomenal public speaker, who spoke with intent and was great at getting a message across. You always want to keep your own personality, but also learn from successful people who create the impact that you also want to create.

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