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Assets For Life Celebrates 6-Year Anniversary

The team at Assets For Life is thrilled to be celebrating the company’s upcoming 6-year anniversary! It’s a really exciting time to be part of the business and amazing to have been able to experience and contribute to its substantial growth over the last few years. From a passion project that our co-founders Liam Ryan and Jay Munoz built a few years ago, to one of the leading property, business and wealth companies in the UK. The journey has just been incredible!

Having started with nothing but an aligned vision and determination, the business has grown exponentially in the last few years. While the business has transitioned from just a property business to a prominent property, business and wealth creation business over the last few years, we have managed to stay true to core values and beliefs. With a focus on building better together, Assets For Life has been able to successfully establish a renowned community of driven entrepreneurs and help countless other entrepreneurs to build and grow their wealth through property and business.

Now in its 6th year, the company continues to go from strength to strength with lots of exciting new projects on the horizon. For starters, the business now offers different avenues designed to help candidates grow their worth and scale their businesses including property, business, social media and stock investment training. Having built a great network of dedicated partners, our aim is to continue to equip our candidates with all they need to thrive in property and business.

We are truly grateful to have achieved the success we have and believe it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our community. To celebrate this monumental achievement and show appreciation to our network for their continued support, we are running a FREE two-day online wealth training event on 11-12 September. The Bounce Back Mastery event is designed to help you make, manage and multiply your wealth to generate a 6-7 figure income, within 90 days (using 3 simple steps)!

Assets For Life Celebrates 6-Year Anniversary - bounce back mastery

The free LIVE SUMMIT will cover:

  • How To BUILD SUSTAINABLE CASH FLOW Through Property;
  • Uncover The TOP WEALTH CREATION STRATEGIES Currently Being Used By Entrepreneurs;
  • Identify The BEST PERFORMING SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS And How to Monetise Them;
  • How To PROTECT YOUR WEALTH To Ensure A Legacy – “It’s Not What You Make But What You Keep That Is Important.”

***Please note that spaces are extremely limited.

Secure your seat here: