Top Sites For Finding Student Tenants

Top Sites For Finding Student Tenants

Student accommodation investment can be a lucrative opportunity for property investors. And one that is estimated to see continuous growth. In 2021, Savillscited that there is a 8.5% year-on-year increase in applications to universities. But for landlords or property investors looking to tap into this area, knowing where to advertise and find quality student tenants is key. Below we’ve provided top affordable student tenant sites which come highly recommended.  


Accommodation for students 

Accommodation for students is UK’s No.1 Student Accommodation Website. Aside from giving students across the UK access to an abundance of student accommodation, the platform also provides a wide range of resources and guides for student tenants. The platform also has a thriving landlord hub, providing advertising opportunities and services from as little as £20.  


Spare room  

Spare room allows you to not only advertise your property to thousands of engaged students but also advertise per room. This is great particularly for HMO properties which are rented per room. Both the website and app are user-friendly and offer advertising opportunities for landlords for free, with opportunities for paid sponsorship! 


Rightmove student  

Rightmove is the most popular property portal out there, providing landlords and homeowners with opportunities to advertise to millions. The portal’s student platform, Rightmove student is equally impressive. Only estate agent, letting agent, or new home developer to list a property on the platform. We advise going through affordable online agencies such as  Open Rent.   


Student tenant  

Student tenant is one of the largest student tenant hubs. As the UK’s largest online student letting agent, the platform awards landlords with opportunities to advertise on the platform as well as popular platforms such as Zoopla and Rightmove from as little as £149. Plus, there is no upfront payments, as you are only charged once a tenant has been placed! 


Student pad  

Student pad is quickest route to find student accommodation in the UK, Ireland and Australia. With over 1 million potential student tenants within your reach, the platform’s landlord hub provides great opportunities for finding quality student tenants. It’s worth noting that the platform doesn’t cover all universities so it’s worth double-checking if your location is covered!  


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