Top 10 Best Places to Live in the UK in 2022

Top 10 best places to live in the UK in 2022 - sunset in countryside

In a recent Quality of Life survey by Halifax, Britain’s top 10 best places to live in the UK were revealed. The annual report uses 26 ranking factors such as employment rates, safety, affordability, traffic, well-being and access to green space to determine the best areas for potential homebuyers. Whether you are looking to relocate yourself and want to know the areas to aim for or you are a property investor on the lookout for places to add to your portfolio list, here’s all you need to know… 


No. 10 Wokingham


Coming in 10th place is borough. Ranked as the ‘most prosperous’ place to live in the UK, the area scored the highest on good living conditions, health, education and other social and wellbeing factors.


No 9. St Edmundsbury

happiest place to live in uk

Having previously claimed Rightmove’s 2019 ‘Happiest Place to live in the East of England’ title, St Edmundsbury takes 9th place. safety, neighbour friendliness, local services and community spirit contributed to its high placement along with beautiful countrysides and access to green spaces.


No. 8 Babergh

East Anglia district of Babegh ranks 8th on the Top 10 best places to live in the UK list. Previous studies have cited it as the 2nd happiest place to live in the UK. Having been cited as the 2nd happiest place to live in the UK in Royal Mail’s Happiness Index back in 2019, this really came as no surprise. The district is well-known for its picturesque towns, high employment levels, low crime rate, strong exam results, smaller primary school class sizes and good health and happiness scores.


No 7. Hambleton

The district of Hambleton came in 7th place. The area boasts affordable housing, with the average semi-detached property costing £175, 842. Good transport links, location, safety and general happiness scores from locals makes it one of the happiest places to live in UK.


No. 6 Selby

North Yorkshire market town, Selby, is no stranger to the list. The town regularly outscores others when it comes to population density and housing affordability. Its proximity to York, another great city which usually ranks very well, means you’re never too far from theatres, bars and clubs.


No 5. Maldon

Essex’s Maldon ranks at number five. The historic town is well-known for its biggest export, Maldon Sea Salt of which it sells 500 million boxes of each year. Aside from its popular product, the town boasts trendy delis, stunning countryside and a nature reserve.


No 4. Horsham

Sussex town of Horsham claims the fourth spot in the Top 10 best places to live in the UK. The picturesque market town is amongst some of the happiest places to live in UK with plenty of green space, higher life expectancy, higher achieving students and low crime rates.


No 3. Hart

Former Halifax Quality of Life Survey Winner, Hart claims third place. The quaint district is known as one of the safest cities places to live in UK, enjoying “high earnings and low crime.” It’s no surprise that the area has one of the highest life expectancy rates across the county.


No 2. Fareham

Top 10 best places to live in the UK in 2022 - seaside town of fareham

Fareham, a picturesque town in Hampshire came in at second place.  The town is renowned for “general health and happiness of residents, high employment rate and life satisfaction scores.” With a wealth of green space, stunning historic buildings, the area makes for both a great home or investment opportunity.


No 1. East Hertfordshire

happiest place to live in uk - east Hertfordshire houses by river

The picturesque historic town of East Hertfordshire is crowned the best place to live in the UK. Boasting “high life expectancy, high average earnings and reports of excellent health and happiness scores from locals.” , the high ranking comes as no surprise. Other key contributors included access to good schools, transport links and its close proximity to London.  


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