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The Elite Sales Bootcamp

3-Day In-Person Intensive Training

Deep Dive Into How to Make Your First or Next £100,000 In 3 Simple Steps

Comprehensive training on how to master The Art of Selling By Serving, With Confidence And Conviction, Even If You Don’t Like Selling At All

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The Elite Sales Bootcamp

What is The Elite Sales Bootcamp?

The Elite Sales Bootcamp is a live training event designed to help you master the art of Selling By Serving. Whether you are a naturalborn salesperson or have no sales background, the intensive training teaches you super simple strategies to help you make your first or next £100, 000. The training is delivered by Nick Stabb, public speaker, sales & wealth coach and founder of the Elite Sales Academy.  

Why The Elite Sales Bootcamp?

What You Will Learn  

On this training, you will learn:  

Who You’ll Be Learning From:

Nick Staab Co-founder of The Elite Sales Academy 

Nick graduated in 2012, with a First in BSc (Hons) in Computing and Systems Development. A proud moment after a lot of hard work and dedication. However, although a noble field, he never felt fulfilled working in this environment and realised he had to make some changes to his life.

After various 9 to 5 roles and taking some time out to travel, he came to the conclusion that he is a people person, who loves challenges and wants to shape his own business destiny. This then lead to Nick, seeking the kind of training and mentorship that was proven in practise rather than academia.

Winding the clock forward, he found his mentors in the shape of Liam Ryan and Jay Munoz, joint co-founders of Assets for Life. This was a life changing moment that has given rise to Nick having property investments, establishing his own training business and mentoring others to achieve.

Nick has quickly established himself as a mentor and coach in his own right, which has been captured in his debut Amazon published book “Selling is Serving”.   

Nick currently mentors businesses and individuals alike to achieve greater things using his personal success blueprint. This to date has seen Nick record sales of over £10,000,000 personally and over £100,000,000 collectively with his business clients. 

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