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Property Metamorphosis - Jay Munoz

Learn how to switch your mindset and gain financial independence with this best-selling book by Assets For Life co-founder Jay Munoz. You will be empowered to think differently and at the same time you will be provided with the the tools that you need to start you own property development and investment journey. Create the life that you can’t wait to wake up to each day! If you have been hesitant to give property development a chance as a new way forward, this book will be the catalyst to go for it.

Read it now and you will be able to: 

  • Undergo a metamorphosis from being in the rat race to being a business owner using property as vehicle 
  • Learn concepts kinaesthetically that you won’t get at university 
  • Create wealth and make a positive impact on others
  • Understand how key the layout of a property is to maximise your returns 
  • Understand property cycles 
  • Learn how to analyse deals using a simple formula 
  • Carry out risk sensitivity analyses 
  • Life a mobile lifestyle on your own terms Property metamorphosis sets out a new way of living. 

Selling is Serving - Nick Staab

Nick is the Co-Founder of the Elite Sales Academy, one of the UK’s leading sales training companies that have helped thousands of sales professionals from all different industries. A much sought-after speaker, trainer and sales coach.

From canvassing door to door for an energy company in Australia to selling for the biggest education companies in the UK, he’s always known that the secret art of selling is to serve your clients.
This book contains hundreds of practical ideas and real life techniques you can easily implement that will help you to:
  • Be comfortable and confident when placed in any selling situation
  • Understand the minds of our buyers and how to take control of our prospects perception
  • Master the key questions you must ask to take control of a sale
  • Increase conversions and make serious money from knowing how to sell efficiently
  • Overcome any objection with ease and finesse
  • Improve the relationships with your customers and increase repeat business.