Assets for Life


Assets for Life is committed to charity and fundraising.  We take great pride in giving back, with both donations and our time. 

Charitable Causes

Assets for Life is committed to charity and fundraising and loves to give back with both donations and our time. 


Our Charity Work

All of the AFL Team have a strong belief in giving back and passion for helping others. They actively support a local charity, the Colchester Night Shelter as well as donating time and funds to build new houses in one of the directors’ home towns in Colombia. We are often doing fundraising events and it is a team effort for all the charity work we do.

Colchester Night Shelter

helps local people in need of a place to stay, a hot meal and assists them getting back on their feet. They are a drug and alcohol free centre, with volunteers and staff, based in the Town Centre. They have 25 rooms for residents and a tenant introduction scheme.

24 Hour Cycle Challenge

This year, we attempted to travel the longest distance as a team on a static cycle in 24 hours. 

We had a team of AFL staff/ mentees/ members/ friends and family to help us raise as much money as possible for our chosen charities which we actively support throughout the year and it was a resounding success. We raised a substantial amount of money that has been sent directly to our supported charities.


Some of us are passionate about property and education, some of us are passionate about data and technology, but all of us love coming to work everyday and helping our clients improve their lives.

*Nudity not compulsory

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