Liam Ryan


Liam Ryan Jay Munoz

Exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, Liam has always had an eye for a great opportunity and started his first sales job whilst still at school.

Within a year he was leading a team of 18 and had become the company’s number one salesperson in the UK. He’s since gone on to own numerous successful businesses across the world, including South Africa, Spain and Switzerland and is an expert in marketing, leadership and business planning. He started building his property portfolio in his 20s, ranging from small apartments to architecturally imposing family homes and now has an impressive portfolio both in the UK and abroad.

Liam loves a challenge and uses a combination of strategy and intuition to make strong business decisions. He’s a natural entrepreneur and leader who’s driven by success but he also maintains a friendly, approachable personality and is a committed family man who enjoys travelling and spending time with his children.

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