Current JV Project 1

Commercial to residential Conversion - demolition of commercial unit and construction of 2 Houses and 7 flats

Location: Colchester Town centre - next to rail station and high street.
Gross Development Cost: £1.55m
Gross Development Value £2m | Profit Margin expected: 22.5% to 25%

Current JV Project 2

Conversion of C3 Dwelling house into C4 HMO
Location: Colchester - next to Essex University

Purchase price: 250K
Refurb cost: 60K
In the process of being refinance

Currently rent out and producing over £40K rent gross income rent per year

JV project 3

Conversion of C3 Dwelling house into C4 HMO
Location: Essex- 0.5 mile from town centre

Purchase price: £151K
Refub cost: £55k
Total Investment: £206K

Commercial Finance obtained after refurb: £212K
*Nomination of Project of the Year Award 2016 - Property Investor Awards*

No money left in this deal plus £6K out ;) and producing £36K rent gross income per year.

JV project 4

Commercial to residential Conversion - Office building B1 (A) to 16 1 bed room flats

Location: Colchester town centre

GDV £2.6m
GDC £2.1 m
Net Profit Margin: 0.5m 25%

Currently under development.